Money Slot Overview: Mariachi Infinity Reels

If anything, ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels technology has shown itself to be a pretty flexible gadget, with features ranging from growing ‘book of’ symbols to progressive multipliers and jackpots. A previous ReelPlay release dubbed Thor Infinity Reels demonstrated that streak respin/ hold & win features have also been put up for sale. Even though the mechanic’s reception has been mixed, it continues to exist on its own accord, like a trendsetting slots game that fails to notice the larger slots culture. However, this could soon alter. ReelPlay has taken a familiar concept and blasted (in a good manner) it all over the Infinity Reels system, while also tinkering with pretty much everything else that matters.

The Day of the Dead festival is central to the concept of the Mexican slot game Money Mariachi Infinity Reels. Most participants are probably aware of the celebration at the beginning of November in honor of loved ones who have passed on to the afterlife. Rather than being a somber affair, films celebrating the Day of the Dead may be visually and sonically vibrant, as ReelPlay has demonstrated.

The game grid consists of 3 reels across and 4 rows up at the start of each spin. A new reel is added to the grid whenever a win occurs that includes the reel on the far right. If the new reel increases the win, the process will continue until no more improvements can be made to the winning combination(s). All prizes are also subject to a symbol multiplier. It begins at x1 and grows by +1 with each successive reel. When a win occurs, the grid size resets to the standard 3×4 for the following spin. The mathematical analysis of this game reveals a significant degree of volatility, with a tremendous 50,000-fold return on investment.

To win, you need at least five identical symbols in a row, beginning on the leftmost reel. Bouquets, bright items, hats, maracas, gravestones, and candles make up the first six symbols, all of which are done in neon colors to fit the theme. The high payouts consist of four different characters, all of which make appearances as special symbols throughout the respins feature. The guitar wild serves as a replacement for other pay icons and appears as the last symbol.

Money Features of the Slot Game Mariachi Infinity Reels

There are three more components to the Infinity Reels system. These include a Feature Buy, a Level Up Respins Bonus, and an Infinity Bonus.

Bonus to Infinity

If 12 or more reels are added in a single gaming round, the player receives the Infinity Bonus, which is a payout of 888x the stake. This is awarded in addition to any other win, whether it occurs during the main game or during the Level Up Respins.

Upgraded Re-Spins

Step It Up When 3 or more Shrine symbols emerge during a spin sequence, you’ll be rewarded with 3 respins, during which the triggering Shrine symbols will remain in place. When a Shrine symbol appears, its initial multiplier ranges from 1x to 10x the wager, and the number of re-spins resets to 3.

Once a reel is completely covered in Shrine or special symbols, a new reel is introduced to the playing field. Furthermore, every Shrine, Booster, and Charmer symbol receives a skull on every respin, and when they reach level 6, their payout rises by 1-10x the stake. After removing the accumulated skulls, the cycle begins again.

There is a possibility that a Shrine symbol may transform into one of four unique symbols if it gains a level:

Grower – get 1-10x your bet with every spin, no skulls necessary. The Charmer emblem is a source of hearts for cultivators. The Grower’s level increases by one for every heart on each reroll.

Freeze — Holds the current amount of respins steady for 2 turns before reverting to its shrine form.

Every time a Booster is leveled up, it performs a melodic violin blast and boosts all adjacent Shrine/special symbols by 1-10 times the bet.

All nearby Shrine and special symbols require 1 fewer skull to level up thanks to the Charmer’s effect. Each level up additionally increases the number of hearts added to all neighboring Grower symbols by 1.

When symbols are linked in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal fashion, we say that they surround one another. Furthermore, the minimum amount of skulls needed to advance a symbol cannot be less than 1.

Premium Offer

Level Up Respins, if available, can be purchased for 100 times the initial wager. The Infinity Bonus may be activated during the spin with 6–15 reels.

Slot Review: Money Mariachi Infinite Reels

We went into Money Mariachi Infinity Reels with some concern, since there had been a modest influx of Day of the Dead/Mariachi theme slots around the time of testing. There’s only so many times you can dance the night away to Mariachi music amid skulls, gravestones, and ethereal lights, right? Money Mariachi Infinity Reels pleasantly surprised us by being both a top-tier example of the Infinity Reels mechanism and a top-tier Day of the Dead-themed slot. It’s as if ReelPlay recently hired some new people who brought fresh perspectives and improved the game’s quality. In every way, it was noticeably more compact than normal.

Why is everything so cramped? To start, the visuals are polished and the animations are as smooth as they go in Infinity Reels, both of which are complemented by a blaring Mariachi band. When a high number is being counted down, playing Wagner’s The Ride of the Valkyries comes as a welcome treat for the ears. Perhaps the lively subject matter is to credit for the improvement in energy compared to other Infinity Reels games. Money Mariachi’s bonus game may be a real slugfest if you crank it up. Unlike most other bonus games, this one can keep going and going. Our finest sessions yielded a multiplication factor of roughly 2,000; doing so took a full fifteen to twenty minutes. Possibly shorter, possibly longer; by the end, time had lost most of its significance. The feature was like the Energiser Bunny; it never stopped moving. Money Mariachi has a maximum win potential of 50,000x the wager, making x2000 look like little change. The imagination boggles at the impossibly slow pace at which something might be made.

Money Mariachi was an unexpectedly fun and lively experience. After feeling like it was headed toward a junkyard of mechanics, ReelPlay successfully redirected Infinity Reels in a new and exciting direction.






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